Dr. Brian Blick helps him continue with his therapy always to feel good


Dr. Brian Blick is the specialist indicated to treat the traumas caused by some sports disciplines. Highly competitive athletes and athletes come to develop exercise routines that affect the joints, muscles, and other tissues, causing injuries that cause a lot of pain, inflammation, and even wounds that can be solved effectively.
Pain is an unpleasant sensation that tells us that something is not working properly in our body. It is how our body alerts our brain when an area is threatened or diseased. Sometimes it’s just a nuisance; sometimes, it can be intense, continuous, or intermittent.
The pain management units staffed and directed by Dr Brian Blick have specialized in pain minimization treatment. They are multidisciplinary units where specialists in internal medicine, oncology, rheumatology, rehabilitation, psychology, etc., also work. Together they combine their experience to provide the best treatment plan for each case.

The first image of the patient

Pain tolerance differs considerably in each person. Some people have difficulty tolerating pain due to bruises or cuts, but others can tolerate the pain caused by a stab wound or a serious accident. People can bear pain depending on their mood, the circumstances of the environment, or their personality.
Dr. Brian Blick knows that it is the first image that the patient has of the health system, whether public or private. He is aware that older people tend to go to the doctor more frequently than younger ones due to the increase in pathologies as they get older and, on many occasions, as an excuse not to be alone at home and to be able to have a conversation with someone.

He offers appropriate treatment

Dr. Brian Blick has the experience to help you. He provides valuable information so you can carry out the appropriate treatment and always continue your therapy to feel good. Every day more people choose alternative methods and non-invasive therapies to overcome pain and many symptoms associated with diseases of different kinds, recovering safely and staying away from anesthesia and the operating room.