Julian Mitton, MD Explains The Critical Importance Of Addiction And Mental Health Integration


One of the central tenets of treating addiction is helping individuals understand that recovery is not just about drugs or alcohol. Recovery involves a holistic approach to healing one’s mind, body and spirit. People who are addicted often experience other mental health issues as well, such as anxiety and depression. Addiction and mental health integration allows you to treat all aspects of your life holistically so you can achieve lasting sobriety through treatment that addresses all aspects at once.

Why Is It Important To Integrate Addiction And Mental Health Services?

Integrating addiction and mental health services is critical because it allows you to receive the best possible care for your unique needs. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all program, so it’s important to find treatment that works for you.

In addition to receiving comprehensive care, integrating addiction and mental health services can help you:

• Get help earlier in the process;
• Avoid having multiple providers who may not coordinate with each other;
• Reduce stigma associated with substance use disorders or mental illness;

How Can You Get Help With Addiction And Mental Health Integration?

If you are struggling with addiction and mental health integration, there are a number of ways to get help. If you’re not sure where to start, consider talking with a doctor like Julian Mitton, MD . These professionals can help assess the severity of your situation and determine if additional treatment options are necessary.

If these steps don’t seem like they will be effective for you at this time, there are also numerous other resources available:

• Addiction specialists–these medical professionals specialize in treating both addiction and mental health issues as well as other compounding conditions such as chronic pain or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They may recommend additional treatment options like medication management, therapy sessions and/or holistic approaches such as exercise programs or nutrition counseling.

Finding An Integrated Treatment Program That Works For You

If you’re looking for an integrated treatment program, the first thing to consider is whether the program offers both addiction and mental health Julian Mitton, MD services. It’s important that your treatment center has this capability because it allows them to address both aspects of your addiction and help you develop coping skills for dealing with life in general.