New Parents: The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right Pediatrician By Lou Hampers


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been considering a pediatrician since your kid was born. And if you’ve already had a child, you may have scheduled an appointment with one or two of them. You’ve already come halfway. But if not—if you’re still looking for the right person to care for your new child—I’m here to assist.

Take Notes During Your First Visit

Write down the pediatrician’s recommendations, whether it’s to get your baby vaccinated or to put him on a sleep schedule. Make sure you take note of any concerns or questions he or she may have about your child’s development, health history, and habits. If any issues need immediate attention, write those down too–you’ll want to be able to refer back when it comes time for another appointment.

If You’re Worried About Something, Ask Your Pediatrician About It

Inquire with your specialist about your child’s health. It’s difficult to bring up your child’s well-being, but it’s critical. Doctor-patient communication and trust are important. Lou Hampers, MD, advises patients to express their concerns or inquiries.

Your pediatrician may suggest one treatment over another based-on cost or efficacy. If the FDA has approved a new medication since they last saw their patients, they will want to inform them so they can make informed treatment choices.

Your child may need additional tests or procedures before being given certain medications. If this happens during visits with his/her Lou Hampers, it could lead to discussions about what those tests entail versus other possible alternatives, such as homeopathic remedies, which may not require invasive measures like needles but still provide similar results when administered correctly by a trained professional.

Ask Your Doctor, But Consider Their Parenting And Health Care Views

As a parent, you should feel comfortable asking questions of your pediatrician. But it’s also important to remember that they are people with their perspectives on parenting and health care. They may not always be able to give you the answer you want; sometimes another doctor will have more experience with a particular issue or condition. If this happens, don’t hesitate to ask for help from someone else.