The Definitive Guide To Arbitration With Jeremy Schulman


Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve disputes without having to go through the court system. Traditionally, arbitration was used in commercial settings, but in Jeremy Schulman recent years it has become more common for individuals and small businesses to use arbitration as an alternative to litigation.
Arbitration can be particularly attractive if you’re looking for an inexpensive way out of your legal troubles without giving up any rights or control over how your case is handled.
Arbitrators are usually experienced attorneys who have been appointed by a neutral third party usually and their fees tend to be much lower than those charged by judges and lawyers who work at law firms or government agencies.
Arbitration Versus Litigation
Arbitration is less formal than litigation and in arbitration according to Jeremy Schulman, there are no judges or juries, the arbitrator is an attorney who has been trained in legal procedure and listens to both sides of the case before making a decision.
Arbitration is usually faster than litigation because it does not take as long for cases to get through court proceedings if they ever do and the parties involved also have more control over when arbitration hearings will take place and can choose whether they want their hearings open or closed from the public eye.
In most cases, arbitration costs less than litigation because it does not require attorneys’ fees for each side; these are paid by whoever brings forth the claim at hand and it generally doesn’t require witnesses or other evidence like depositions or discovery documents which means less time spent interviewing witnesses.
Because parties aren’t required to give opening statements at an arbitration hearing like they would be Jeremy Schulman if they were going through court motions together with another party who may not know anything about why you’re suing them in order.